Chemical characterization of Jatropha oil stored over a period of time and analysis of its pressed cake

Roberto Ananias Ribeiro, Maria das Graças Mota Nobre Queiroz, Vera Lúcia Alves, Emille Rocha Bernardino de Almeida Prata, Érica Soares Barbosa


Jatropha curcas is an oilseed plant with potential for use as raw material in production of an oil yielding a high-quality biodiesel. Many ways of using Jatropha fruit have been verified: seed, oilcake, husk and shell. In this paper, the chemical properties of Jatropha oil and cake were investigated in order to determine the characteristics of a cultivated plant in a Brazilian region. Mechanical expeller was used to obtain oil which was filtered and degummed with phosphoric acid. Jatropha oil and cake were characterized by chemical analysis. Initially, lower values in measurement of acid, iodine, saponification and peroxide values were obtained. After five months of storage, modifications occurred in the oil so that the values increased, demonstrating oil oxidation. Jatropha cake presented an amount of crude fiber and crude protein equal to 21.1 and 20.9 (%w/w), respectively, and mineral elements, Ca, Mg and P, in relatively high amounts, 0.42, 0.54 and 0.71 (%w/w), respectively.


Jatropha curcas; Oil; Cake; Chemical analysis

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